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eUSA DOI Division of Statistics

eUSA Daily Census
Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY.

Citizens in Census
Current: 388
Average Level
Current: 369
Average Ground Rank
Current: 55
Average Air Rank
Current: 33
Average Strength
Current: 186,613
Average Strength Division 1
Current: 7,388
Average Strength Division 2
Current: 151,993
Average Strength Division 3
Current: 103,075
Average Strength Division 4
Current: 293,414
Number of Q1 Houses
Current: 146
Number of Q2 Houses
Current: 68
Number of Q3 Houses
Current: 40
Number of Q4 Houses
Current: 17
Number of Q5 Houses
Current: 17
Average Max Hit (ground)
Current: 247,589
Top Max Hit (ground)
Current: 652,764