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An infection has broken out...
863,899 citizens have been infected...
2 clues have been solved by citizens...
Redeem research points for prizes, we need your help!

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You may enter each clue only once
Link to your eRepublik Profile (with www.) or UserID:
Amount given of the ingredient:


What recipe item did the researcher give you?

Research points can been turned in for...
1 Point: 200 Q5 food (or equivalent)
2 Points: 500 Q5 food (or equivalent) OR $1,000cc
3 Points: 1000 Q5 food (or equivalent) OR $2,500cc
4 Points: 500 Q7 food (or equivalent) OR $4,000cc
5 Points: 1000 Q7 food (or equivalent) OR $9,000cc
6 Points: $12,000cc
10 Points: $20,000cc

The citizen that collects the most clues by the end of the event will get their choice of any $10 pack in eRepublik!
Citizens with the most research points by the end of the event will earn additional cc prizes.

-You can check your research points or spend them by private messaging KingTaco-
You must be an eUSA citizen to enter.